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Thursday 28 March 2024

Milonga Solidaria 2024 - Adelaide does it again!


Many thanks to all the dancers who attended Milonga Solidaria last week and those who donated cash before, during and afterwards.

Tango Salon donated the $520 taken at the door, and a further $1215 came in the form of donations from Dee, Joy, David N, Larry, Shaun, David B, Lidia, Mike B, Sheila, Monica, Joan, Steve, Alvin, Eva, Mariangela, Brett, Cris, Glynn, Mauricio, Su, Mark, Anne B, Liz, Paul M, Shaddie, Vicki,
Daniel, Robyn & Ray and Valerie.

On top of that, Mariangela organised a raffle with 10 prizes donated by herself, Sheila, Lucy, Trish N, Dee, and Susanna B.  Many thanks to Mariangela – the Queen of Raffles - for raising a further $335.

A grand total of $2070  … US$1314 has been collected so far.

We have committed to deliver US$1500 which means another AUS$292 has been added to get to this total.  If you haven’t donated yet and would like to contribute towards this extra amount, please let us know.

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