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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Piazzolla and Gardel: an unexpected collaboration

Just came across this interesting gem showing an unlikely and historic connection between these two giants of tango. Piazzolla also briefly demonstrates and explains the diabolically difficult instrument of tango, the bandoneon. Those who were at one of our classes in May last year when we were joined by famous bandeonista Carel Kraayenhof will particularly appreciate this videoclip.


Saturday, 14 February 2009

Favourite five

When Bob asked me to name my favourite five tangueras, I thought ... "Easy" and started rattling them off.

But very soon, it simply got too hard, too complicated. So I returned to my initial, instinctive responses - just three names. When I tried to analyse what those women have in common, it came down to technique, musicality and personal surrender to the moment (entrega). Watch them performing - their styles are very different. Seeing them dancing socially is a particular treat. Each one dances in the considerate, rather understated manner expected in the milonga setting, yet at the same time, their sheer class and elegance draw your attention straight to them. (Sadly, video footage of their social dancing is rare.) Of course, as teachers they are also much sought after.

Who are they? Click on the links and take a look at these videos of Aurora Lubiz, Lorena Ermocida and last but certainly not least, Geraldine Rojas to see what I mean.

And here's another:

I imagine they started training in some form of dance as soon as they were old enough to walk, so I shouldn't lose heart altogether!


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