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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sebastian y María Ines en La Baldosa

At La Baldosa, one of our favourite "couples" milongas, we were fortunate to see the newly crowned champions of Tango Salón dance four pieces for the crowd. Suffice to say that the 18 year old Sebastian and 29 year old María Ines are deserving title-holders.

The romantic Di Sarli tango was followed by an energetic tango by D'Arienzo, a Caló vals and after rousing applause, a Canaro milonga.

What a treat!


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Milongueando en Buenos Aires

Four weeks in the Mecca of tango are drawing to a rapid close and the farewells to friends (old and new) are almost complete.

Attending milongas almost each evening, mostly as singles, caused me to reflect on the milonga experience. One thing that stands out is that it´s not only about the dance. For me, the milonga package is much more. Certainly most of us are there to dance, but those who make the most of it also use the milonga as an opportunity to socialise, be transported by great music, relax and observe.

After dancing an especially satisfying tanda, I find myself preferring to come back down to Earth gently, rather than looking out for an invitation to dance again right away. So, watching the dancers on the floor is a good way to signal that I want to sit out the tanda.

If my attention is drawn to any particular dancers, it´s usually because their movement is an expression of the emotion contained in the music. Their connection seems both physical and intuitive. At the same time there is an utmost consideration for the dancers around them. From all this flows a spontaneous creativity and satisfaction which only the couple themselves can fully appreciate.

Finally, how wonderful it is to experience the harmony of movement and energy when all the dancers on the floor are on the same wave-length!

PP (in BsAs)

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