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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Not a rehearsal

Lately we’ve been scratching our heads about a strange phenomenon.  Some people spend their precious free time and their hard-earned money taking tango lessons.  Then they spend more time and money attending practicas in order to improve their skills.  But when it comes to milongas they are rarely spotted. 

Are they perfecting their walk and ochos before inflicting them on a partner at a milonga? Are they waiting to complete their latest course of yoga or pilates to improve their core-strength and their balance? Are they aiming to nail those navigation skills so as to avoid the possibility of collisions on the dance-floor? Might they be just a teency bit scared of the milonga and all that it entails?

If you identify with this at all, then allow me to share a few words of advice. Take a deep breath and just do it!  Do it as often as possible.  Your skills and your confidence will improve by putting yourself into the thick of it.  Practicas are useful, but they don’t prepare you for the cut and thrust of a milonga, especially one with limited real estate.  

Life’s not a rehearsal. Don’t waste another minute!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Aníbal Troilo aka Pichuco aka El Gordo

Anibal Troilo maestro of the bandoneon, composer and orchestra leader was born 11 July 1914.  So significant was Troilo that a law was passed by the Congreso de la Nacion Argentina in 2005 to commemorate this date henceforth as El Dia Nacional del Bandoneon.

It has been said that Troilo was perhaps slightly less technically proficient than some other bandoneonistas.  However, his sensitive interpretations of many great tangos, which he played with such delicacy and soul are unforgettable. They give me goose bumps. Just watch him - his impassive facial expression belies the emotion he conveys to us.  And listen to him, especially the very last part of Suerte loca on Tango & Chaos

If you want to hear more of Troilo, treat yourself to these tandas

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