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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Miguel Calo!

Born 28 October 1907, Miguel Calo collaborated with many of the greats of the Golden Age during his tango career - as bandoneonist, band-leader and composer.

Many a dedicated tanguero would declare a milonga incomplete without a tanda of Calo with singer Raul Beron. Yet, I suspect few know that this immortal collaboration almost came to a very premature end.  Calo's orchestra was broadcasting at a radio station, and the station executives apparently felt that Beron was not up to their standards.  So, they told Calo to sack him, which he did.  But the just-recorded Al compas del corazon became a hit.

Fortunately, they had second thoughts. Otherwise, we would never enjoyed the exquisite Jamas retornaras.

Calo also recorded gems with Alberto Podesta, including Dos fracasos. And here's the goosebump-inducing Que falta que me haces 1961, performed by Javier Rodriguez and his first partner Geraldine Rojas. It's a study in restrained intensity.

Trenzas, recorded with singer Raul Iriarte, was said to be a favourite piece of the late Andrea Misse. Here she is dancing to Trenzas with Javier Rodriguez.

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