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Monday, 21 November 2016

Are you missing out?

At yesterday's milonga, a native Spanish-speaker remarked on the huge impact of the lyrics of tango on his dance. Some lyrics enriched his experience beyond description.

It makes sense when you think about it, doesn't it?  Consider for a moment those tangos which absolutely summon you to floor. You hear the opening bars of the piece and feel that you have to dance. I'll wager that it's the emotion of that music which plays a huge role in making you look around - almost with a sense of urgency - for a partner. How much stronger is that emotional response when you also know something of the story, or if you understand the lyrics as they are sung?

Tango is a feeling which we share when we dance with our partner. How much richer could that shared experience be, if we understood something of the poetry?

So, if you now suspect that you might be missing out, look up a few of your I've-got-to-dance-to-this tangos. You can read translations while you listen. Here are some of my favourites in Poesia de Gotán and Embrujamiento.  One website thoughtfully provides subtitled Youtube videos, too!

Here's one of my favourite Pugliese tangos subtitled by Tango Decoder:


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