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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Imagine if ...

While chatting with Pedro Sanchez, he made the strong statement that it is the women who set the standards at the milonga. In other words, the women determine the behaviours which they are prepared to tolerate from the men who want to dance with them. Take a moment to think about that and the implications.
How would milongas change if the more experienced female dancers were not prepared to accept invitations from those men who are guilty of one or more of the following …
·         blatantly interrupting conversations to invite them to dance
·         pushing and pulling them around the dance-floor
·         often causing collisions
·         ignoring their personal hygiene
·         attending the milonga in the same clothes they would wear to a barbecue?
Imagine a milonga where all the men ….
·         use the cabeceo, allowing women some real choice
·         communicate the lead subtly with their bodies
·         protect their partner and respect other dancers on the floor
·         make an effort with their personal hygiene
·         dress for a special occasion - the milonga.
Is this just a fantasy? Is it achievable? When all is said and done, I believe that it comes down to self-respect and personal standards.

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