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Monday, 2 November 2015

Milonga magic

Sometimes magic happens....

Yesterday's milonga did not get off to a good start, at all. We had returned to the King's Head Hotel for the first time since March. One hour into the milonga - only about 6 people had arrived.  Certainly, milonga numbers in Adelaide had been declining recently, and there had been a tango party the night before. Were we wasting our time yesterday, and that of our few patrons?

Gradually more dancers arrived, yet it was still a relatively modest gathering of about 20 dancers.

About halfway through the milonga, I found myself transfixed. Most people were on the floor dancing sensitively to a tanda of Demare tangos. Something quite special appeared to be taking place. I fear that this will sound weirdly metaphysical, but here goes:  I can only describe this intangible phenomenon as a very positive and serene energy linking all the dancers in the ronda. And this continued for the rest of the milonga.

Was it my imagination? Perhaps a case of wishful thinking - wanting the milonga to be a success? Yet other people at the milonga were making similar (unsolicited) observations.

Did the new furniture arrangement in the 'ballroom' influence the mood?

Were the people present so determined to enjoy themselves that their positive energy was infectious?

Was the considerate dancing of each person a factor?

Did the music play a part?

Whatever it was, yesterday some magic happened.

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