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Saturday 20 April 2024

Different partners, different journeys

Ladies, we may sometimes lament the gender imbalance at milongas.  Perhaps we dance less than we’d like.  But have you considered some of the advantages of our role in tango? 

After Marta’s milonga Wednesday night (El Rodríguez), I was reminded how lucky we can be … if we are patient.  During that milonga I experienced three truly memorable tandas with men I had never previously danced with.  And each one was so very different!

D took me on a whirling flight through energetic D’Arienzo valses.   His strong dissociation and control meant our turns were so tight, we were like the vortex of a tornado.  Yet our movement was contained and couples around us remained undisturbed.

I caught the eye of S when I heard the introduction of a romantic Di Sarli tango.  His response to the music felt like waves in the ocean.  Carrying us gently, suspending at the crest of the wave and then accelerating downwards. 

Troilo’s tangos get a lot of coverage here, I’m happy to say.  I noticed a man trying to invite me when a Troilo tanda started.  Not having seen him dance, I looked away.  Fortunately, two lovely local ladies at my table, quickly reassured me that I should definitely not pass up that offer.  C took me on a nuanced musical journey, taking time to savour moments in the music and attentively responding to my responses.

To be ready for such diverse, special experiences in the milonga, good technique/body control is needed, allowing me to respond to a variety of movement possibilities.  The woman’s role also requires her to simultaneously follow the music … as well as her partner’s interpretation of it.  She doesn’t “just follow the lead”.

Finally, mindset is critical.  If I had had a preconceived idea of the dance, eg. dancing certain figures; being determined to display decorations; etc., then I would have missed out on the magic.  Being flexible and open to my partner is pivotal.  That’s when it gets interesting.  As in life!


Monday 15 April 2024

Every little bit counts

After more than a week of dancing in traditional Buenos Aires milongas, I’m reminded of some of the social niceties which contribute to a harmonious dance floor as well as an enjoyable individual experience.  (Not a word about cabeceo here.  That topic has already had plenty of coverage.)

Each and every dancer makes a positive contribution to the milonga by:

* taking care of personal hygiene beforehand & avoiding strong scents

* changing into dance shoes in the bathrooms or away from the dance floor 

* when not dancing, ensuring that they aren’t blocking others’ line of sight. If standing to catch someone’s eye, then stand behind the tables

* entering the dance floor with care, with the man seeking and getting the nod of approval from the oncoming leader, and then entering before his partner, to protect her. Start to dance immediately, thus avoiding holdups 

* not eating/chewing while dancing

* chatting only in between songs on the dance floor. Need more time? Then sit down to have a conversation. Chatting while dancing spoils the tanda for dancers around you

* dancing small, keeping feet on the floor, especially in a busy milonga 

* dancing in the ronda, in your lane - neither tailgating nor holding up couples behind you 

* avoiding contact with other couples. Any collisions, even minor, warrant an apology or at least an acknowledgement 

* escorting ladies back to their table

* clearing the floor efficiently during the cortina.

I love how these small things - put together - add up to something greater than their sum.  Congratulations to dancers at La Milonguita in Adelaide who do this so well!


Thursday 28 March 2024

Milonga Solidaria 2024 - Adelaide does it again!


Many thanks to all the dancers who attended Milonga Solidaria last week and those who donated cash before, during and afterwards.

Tango Salon donated the $520 taken at the door, and a further $1215 came in the form of donations from Dee, Joy, David N, Larry, Shaun, David B, Lidia, Mike B, Sheila, Monica, Joan, Steve, Alvin, Eva, Mariangela, Brett, Cris, Glynn, Mauricio, Su, Mark, Anne B, Liz, Paul M, Shaddie, Vicki,
Daniel, Robyn & Ray and Valerie.

On top of that, Mariangela organised a raffle with 10 prizes donated by herself, Sheila, Lucy, Trish N, Dee, and Susanna B.  Many thanks to Mariangela – the Queen of Raffles - for raising a further $335.

A grand total of $2070  … US$1314 has been collected so far.

We have committed to deliver US$1500 which means another AUS$292 has been added to get to this total.  If you haven’t donated yet and would like to contribute towards this extra amount, please let us know.

Monday 20 March 2023

Milonga Solidaria 2023

Many thanks to all the dancers who attended Milonga Solidaria last Friday - all of your $10 entradas will be donated by Tango Salon Adelaide to the milonga's project.

Special thanks to the donors of items/activities for the Silent Auction: Glen, Dee, Mike, Lidia, Adelaide Abrazo Tango, Sheila, Mariangela, Susanna, Cris, Robyn, Ray, Larry, Sonia, Lorraine, Pat & Bob.

Thanks again to the people who made donations in return for the silent auction items: Tricia N, Sheila, Dru, Vita, Sonia, Ellie, Mariangela, Lorraine, Anne B, Dee, Bruno, Vicki, Ray, Cris, Janett, David N, Eva, Alvin, Rebecca, Pat, Bob.

Finally, thank you to those who made cash donations: Ray, Larry, Joy, Hanako, Monica A, Nihada, Vicki, Paul M, Sheila, Eva, Liz, David N, David W, Rebecca, Maria, Cruz, Karlis, Joan and Glen.

Your generosity looks to have raised around $2,300.  This will be received with great thanks by Presente Escuelas Rurales for their volunteer medical services to remote communities in Santiago del Estero province of Argentina.

Wednesday 30 November 2022


Amongst the countless tango performances available on the internet, we may enjoy the musicality, admire the technique and marvel at the spectacle.  Yet, few performances truly move me deeply.  

We all know, of course, that Noelia and Carlitos are wonderful dancers.  Yet, what is it about this particular performance in Bratislava to "Lo vi en tus ojos" which has so much soul?

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