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Monday, 25 May 2020


When I watch some male dancers, particularly some older ones, the term 'rock-solid' often comes to mind.  They seem to be absolutely grounded, totally in control of their bodies, and always with a strong axis.  As a result, their partners appear secure and in doubt where they are going - the leads are clear, signalled in time to allow an accurate, beautiful response, and the couple dance as one.

Watch José Luis Gonzalez.  What are the skills that make him appear rock-solid?

Now watch Luis Anchava

... and Gabriel Missé
Here are some common features with all three men:
  • Posture exudes strength & stability
  • Body moves first and advances strongly
  • They quickly establish a new axis whenever they step or execute a turn
  • They abide by the principle: 'I lead, she responds, I follow her'
  • Calmness throughout
Do you agree? 
Perhaps there are other things that you notice.  If so, comment below.
... and that's quite apart from the magnificent women they are dancing with!


Monday, 11 May 2020

Irresistible Valses

By their nature, valses draw many dancers to the floor - they are rhythm-driven and contain exquisite moments.  But then there are those valses that won't allow red-blooded dancers to remain in their seats.

Here are five valses that I believe are unmissable and unforgettable.  Once you have danced to them, you'll be drawn back to the floor every time they are played.

Rodolfo Biagi Dichas que viví (1939) singer Andrés Falgás dancers Vanessa Villalba & Facundo Piñero.
This couple is sensational!

Juan Maglio Princesa (1931).
Don't you love that teasing introduction .... and the variación at the end?

Francisco Lomuto Idolatr


a (1937) singer Jorge Omar.

Carlos Di Sarli Alma mía (1940) singer Roberto Rufino

Osvaldo Pugliese Desde el alma.
Watch this performance. It was the only time that Pugliese was invited to perform at the Teatro Colón .... in 1985, at the end of his career.

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