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Friday, 13 June 2008

Australian International Tango Festival

Adelaide Tango made a significant impact on Australia's biggest tango event of the year. 22 tangueros from Adelaide took the opportunity to immerse themselves in the most diverse range of workshops yet, as well as five milongas in five nights!
The strong SA contingent received a special mention at the Opening Milonga, also DJed by yours truly. And at the final milonga on Sunday night, Arthur from Brisbane made the unsolicited comment that the Adelaide folk were not only nice dancers, but the friendliest bunch of people as well!

We were spoilt for choice with the widest array of workshop options, electric performances and seven renowned teachers from Buenos Aires. For the first time in the festival, the structure of the music and how it influences the dance was tackled in a thorough and practical manner in a series of workshops by Joaquin Amenabar, a BsAs professor of bandoneon, and tango dancer.
Joaquin's close work with a trio of talented local musicians meant that their live music at two of the milongas not only pleased the ear, but kept the crowd dancing.

Los Hermanos Macana were true to form and entertained with their comic antics. Cecilia Gonzalez and Donato Juarez, both regular visitors to Sydney, were in demand with their warm teaching style and focus on technique & elegance in figures. While Aurora Lubiz and Hugo Daniel's multi-faceted contribution to the festival included technique & coordination, various tango rhythms & chacarera, and a generous desire to share the culture of tango with us all. Not to mention Saturday night's mesmerising folkloric performance. For many of us, they were the stars of the festival and we sincerely hope to see them back in Oz soon.

Congratulations and thanks to Lilian and her tireless team of volunteers. It was indeed a festival not to be missed!

Pat & Bob.

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