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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Woman's role in tango

Some interesting comments appeared on the previous post: Just follow the leader.

Andy highlighted the challenge of the woman's role and the timing of her response to the lead. Indeed the woman must contribute her interpretation of the man's lead and the music to the dance, otherwise she is merely a puppet being dragged around in his arms.

A very good female tango dancer achieves a sensitive balance between the lead and her personal expression, with the outcome being a beautiful unity of music and movement.  Two individuals dance as one in the embrace. Lidia Ferrari's article The place of woman in tango (or Is tango macho?) elaborates on what is required of the woman, as well as perhaps challenging some macho men who may see themselves as good tango dancers.  Thanks for sharing these articles, Andy!

Just take a look at Adela dancing with Gaston at the start of Dany and Lucy's milonga.

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