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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Making every moment count

I know it sounds clichéd, but the most memorable dances I’ve had were when both my partner and I felt completely in tune with the music and with each other. The selection of music was just right. We trusted each other enough to mutually surrender to its moods and cadences. The figures we danced were of no consequence - often quite simple. It felt like the music was channeling through our close embrace and directing us. Each step we took counted. We danced in the moment. Sounds sort of Zen, doesn’t it!

My plea to tango dancers: Listen to the music, trust it and allow it to transport you! Only then will it be possible to dance in the moment.

Here are some inspirational dancers making every step count:

Melina & Detlef

Juan Esquivel & Thomasina

Osvaldo & Coca

Tete & Silvia

Adela & Santiago (thanks to Tango commuter)

There are many more, of course.


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