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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Not a rehearsal

Lately we’ve been scratching our heads about a strange phenomenon.  Some people spend their precious free time and their hard-earned money taking tango lessons.  Then they spend more time and money attending practicas in order to improve their skills.  But when it comes to milongas they are rarely spotted. 

Are they perfecting their walk and ochos before inflicting them on a partner at a milonga? Are they waiting to complete their latest course of yoga or pilates to improve their core-strength and their balance? Are they aiming to nail those navigation skills so as to avoid the possibility of collisions on the dance-floor? Might they be just a teency bit scared of the milonga and all that it entails?

If you identify with this at all, then allow me to share a few words of advice. Take a deep breath and just do it!  Do it as often as possible.  Your skills and your confidence will improve by putting yourself into the thick of it.  Practicas are useful, but they don’t prepare you for the cut and thrust of a milonga, especially one with limited real estate.  

Life’s not a rehearsal. Don’t waste another minute!


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  1. So true! I think this happens everywhere - it certainly happens in Sydney. Maybe they are hoping that when they do go to a milonga and dance people will stop and stare because they are so very good! Surely it is up to their teachers to encourage them to attend and dance at milongas.


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