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Monday 20 March 2023

Milonga Solidaria 2023

Many thanks to all the dancers who attended Milonga Solidaria last Friday - all of your $10 entradas will be donated by Tango Salon Adelaide to the milonga's project.

Special thanks to the donors of items/activities for the Silent Auction: Glen, Dee, Mike, Lidia, Adelaide Abrazo Tango, Sheila, Mariangela, Susanna, Cris, Robyn, Ray, Larry, Sonia, Lorraine, Pat & Bob.

Thanks again to the people who made donations in return for the silent auction items: Tricia N, Sheila, Dru, Vita, Sonia, Ellie, Mariangela, Lorraine, Anne B, Dee, Bruno, Vicki, Ray, Cris, Janett, David N, Eva, Alvin, Rebecca, Pat, Bob.

Finally, thank you to those who made cash donations: Ray, Larry, Joy, Hanako, Monica A, Nihada, Vicki, Paul M, Sheila, Eva, Liz, David N, David W, Rebecca, Maria, Cruz, Karlis, Joan and Glen.

Your generosity looks to have raised around $2,300.  This will be received with great thanks by Presente Escuelas Rurales for their volunteer medical services to remote communities in Santiago del Estero province of Argentina.

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