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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The gift that keeps giving

Photo by Anne Rodgers

Eight Adelaide tango dancers won the privilege of attending Steve and Robyn's "Tuna Masterclass" held last Sunday.  When we bid for our places at the Milonga Solidaria, the description of the activity had suggested a relatively low-key event - a glass of bubbles on arrival, a demonstration of tuna preparation skills, and a dish of one of the recipes to illustrate just how good tuna can be.

What actually happened was far removed from this expectation: 15 courses of small delicacies, prepared creatively in a variety of styles - all simply exquisite (see photos).  While we all brought some wine to share, there were other treats supplied by Ray and Steve.  Joan, the very generous hostess, added her touch of elegance and warmth to the evening.  An event we thought would last a couple of hours, starting at 1o'clock in the afternoon, stretched to almost 8pm!

Bidding for this event had contributed significantly towards the US$3,000 for the student residence in northern Argentina.  However, the social activity that brought 12 people together was a memorable gift in itself.

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