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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

That Buenos Aires embrace

What is it that typifies the tango embrace in traditional milongas of Buenos Aires? 

Firstly, no fear
No fear of one's partner. No apprehension about whether you will make mistakes. No concern about what onlookers may think. It's about surrendering to your partner, the music and the moment.

Becoming one with your partner
Mould yourself onto your partner's body, without compromising your axis. The embrace is relaxed, secure and comfortable for both, and not crippled by poor posture.

Man's embrace
While she 'stands up for her man' with a relaxed, good posture, his embrace provides security, conveying confidence and certainty. This allows her to surrender to the journey - his gift to her - knowing he will protect her all along the way.

You embrace your partner as though you really mean it. Let them in to become as one. Make a commitment for the tanda. There should be no 'maybe'.

You may also experience this elsewhere - not just in Buenos Aires. It is certainly how I like the embrace. What are your preferences?


Janis said...

You tell it like it is. Surrender to the moment and the music. There is no maybe involved.

I live only six blocks from Plaza Bohemia, and I would like to meet you before you leave. 4941 6669

Tango Salon Adelaide said...

Thanks, Janis.

Howard said...

This is awesome!

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