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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Welcome stranger!

Visiting foreign milongas can be hit and miss.  Often, it's more miss than hit!  In our experience tango communities can be - shall we say - rather insular when newcomers appear at a milonga.  Lack of familiarity with the cabeceo can be a factor.  If people aren't using or are not alert to the non-verbal "I'd like to dance with you" signals, they will probably stick with the safe option, and just dance with their friends - despite having observed that the newcomers dance well.  That's their choice, of course. But it seems a pity.  They'll never know what they missed.

So, it was with no high expectations that we went to The Counting House, Edinburgh Tango Society's Tuesday evening milonga.  What a pleasant surprise to be warmly welcomed by their tango community not only on arrival, but throughout the evening.  Most dancers used the cabeceo effectively,  and we were both kept busy dancing to DJ Mike's good music with lots of  lovely Edinburgh people.  (Coincidentally, DJ Mike mentioned that he had attended our Comme il faut milonga when visiting Adelaide seven years ago, and remarked several times what a welcoming tango community he had encountered.)

Thanks for the great night, Edinburgh. Hope we can reciprocate your hospitality in Adelaide soon.

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