Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cabeceo between the guys

At last, a light-hearted video on dance-floor etiquette!

Take a look. You may recognise someone: The Over-Excited Follower, Mr Oblivious, Mr Show-Off, The Social Guy, etc.

But beware ... one of these people may just be you!

(Thanks, Nihada, for finding this gem.)


Tango Therapist said...

This is a great video. Perhaps the most common thing that happens is the "over-excited follower." It is an epidemic in Washington, D.C. Right now I live in Germany, and it happens most of the time.

Tango Salon Adelaide said...

I'm very pleased to report seeing fewer examples of the "social guy" here. Perhaps the previous offenders realised the anti-social nature of their behaviour and mended their ways. What a relief!

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