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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What IS that smell???

Before attending a social function such as a milonga, there are certain things many of us take for granted in our society: taking a shower, brushing our teeth, wearing clean clothes, taking along some breath mints. Some men who perspire heavily have been known to thoughtfully bring along a spare shirt to change into. Tangueras really do appreciate men who make an effort.

However, as in all matters, there are people attending milongas who just don’t understand the Less is more concept. And I’m not referring to their dancing! I’m thinking about the ladies and gentlemen who feel the need to douse themselves with their favourite, expensive perfume and then share it around each time they embrace someone. Surely just a hint of scent should be enough – elegant sufficiency, n’est ce pas? Instead, we sometimes leave milongas wearing a sundry mélange of designer eau de parfum. OK, I’m lucky enough not to suffer from allergies and I can wash it off when I get home. So what’s the fuss all about?

A few weeks ago, we discovered an odour emanating from my significant other’s clothes. It was rather feminine, floral and quite pervasive. (He’s got another woman! I thought.) The smell had spread through four jackets & six shirts like an out-of-control virus. Finally, we managed to track down the source to one of the jackets he’d worn to a milonga. No amount of airing could get rid of it. Now, he’s patiently & forensically working towards identifying the culprit!

On another note, Tango Goddess shares an amusing anecdote about a totally different type of assault on the olfactory system.



tangocherie said...

To be fair, this is not a male-only problem. Sometimes I can't dance with Ruben until he changes his shirt because of the underarm body odor left on it by his previous female partner. Disgusting, absolutely.

And let me say that generally speaking, Argentines do not have B.O.--men or women. They are a very clean people, but also eat a rather bland diet, which helps.

All of the people I've met and/or danced with here in BsAs with B.O. have been foreign.

Tango Salon Adelaide said...

I quite agree, Cherie. Both women and men need to ensure that their dance partners aren't left with such lingering, off-putting souvenirs: BO & pungent perfume.

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