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Friday, 11 February 2011

Esta noche de luna

What affects the way you dance a tango at any one time? Probably, there are countless influences, some may be conscious (your dance partner, the physical environment, the preceding music, the energy of the milonga, etc.). I suspect that there are yet more influences lurking in the subconscious.

What of the tango music itself? Different parts may speak to you. At times, you may find the singer is demanding your attention, whereas previously you were responding to the piano. A knowledge of the lyrics, or at least the theme, of the tango will also play its part and enrich your response. Each time you dance to that same piece it will be a different experience . Isn’t that one of the joys of tango?

I was delighted to find the beautiful translation of one of my favourite romantic tangos Esta noche de luna on Derrick del Pilar’s website. Read, listen and be transported!

Now how might you dance to this gorgeous music? The following clips show very different interpretations of the very same tango played by Carlos Di Sarli’s orchestra with the superb voice of Roberto Rufino . These dancers are all performing for an audience, some may have choreographed their dance and include very impressive manoeuvres, others are improvising and dancing in an understated manner, suited for the salon, with a focus on dancing to the feeling. What I found especially interesting was their musicality, their choices of how to respond and what to respond to in the music.



  1. Somewhere in one of my 60000000007 mothball smelly audio tapes I have a version of Pugliese with singer Jorge Maciel - of the tango 'Esta noche de Luna' ; it is a beautiful version of the tango. Superromantico.....fortunately there is a thing called You Tube.... Here is the link


  2. It's always interesting to see the different ways people can dance to the same music, isn't it? Thanks for posting all these which otherwise I would not have seen.

    But for me there was only one I liked.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Cherie.

    When not dancing at a milonga, I never tire of listening to the music (such as Dany Borelli's) and watching the diversity of dancers' responses.

    See you soon at Nuevo Chique!


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