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Monday, 20 December 2010

Less is more

Just found this superb video of María Inés Bogado y Sebastian Jiménez, the current Tango Salón champions performing in Valencia (Spain). There is so much that can be learned from this recording of just 3 minutes! Their musicality is brilliant, with clever changes of dynamic executed with total control and excellent technique. The connection is utterly palpable. A brilliant performance where colgadas, volcadas, ganchos etc., fashionable in some tango circles, would have been totally superfluous.

So what can be learned by ‘mere tango mortals’ which could be of any use to dancing socially in the milonga from this outstanding performance? Many things, I think.

But let me focus on only her footwork. Why? Because it’s perfect for dancing in a crowded milonga, and it is simply beautiful! So many ladies in tango frantically try to execute adornos (decorations) as a way to express themselves, often to the detriment of their partner, the music, the dancers around them, let alone their own elegance. I’ve expressed my views on this topic in the past.

Interestingly, María Inés dances with few explicit adornos, and they are done with understatement and sensuality. Yet who could say that her footwork is not exquisite and utterly mesmerising? I simply wish that ladies wanting to add a little spice to their social dancing, would focus more on walking elegantly and using their feet beautifully.


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