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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Men making an effort

We women often enjoy the opportunity to dress up a little, take a bit more care with the hair and make-up. The milonga is just the sort of occasion where we like to look and feel more elegant. Making that effort can do wonders for a lady's confidence.

Could the same apply to men? Does taking trouble with one's appearance and personal hygiene matter? Is it my imagination that the men at milongas wearing a nice shirt and trousers, a jacket, or even a suit, look ... shall I say, more manly? Do they, perhaps, conduct themselves more confidently? I am curious to know how men feel about this?

Of course, ladies appreciate considerate dance partners. I think I am speaking not only for myself, when I say that we also value gentlemen who respect the initimacy of the tango embrace by making an effort to present themselves well for the occasion.

Ladies, here's a word of warning based on research in male washrooms by a male colleague in BsAs. Regardless of the appearance of your dance partner, washing your hands (especially your right hand!) before eating is strongly advised.



  1. Absolutely ! I agree with your opinion.
    As for me, I don't remember going to a milonga without taking a quick shower, shave, change clothes and a litlle spray of 212 Carolina Herrera. But I must say that today this is not the rule. Especially with some (not all) young people who, many times, attend the milongas without any care of theirselfs. And the worse is that .... they dance!
    It seems that many ladies prefer to dance regardless the odours than remain sited (planchar) all night long. In my opinion, there is only one solution to this problem. Can you guess?
    But the opposite, exceptionaly, also can happen. I remember once years ago when I invited a young lady to dance, which she did wonderfully. But I hardly finish the "tanda", for there was an incredibly nasty odour in my right arm.

  2. What an unpleasant aftertaste to a lovely tanda!

    As to your implied suggestion, we certainly could exercise our right to decline in such circumstances. Perhaps if a few ladies decided to take united action, the offending fellows would quickly get the message. In the long term everyone would benefit.

    How lovely to hear from you, Constantino.


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