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Monday, 1 March 2010

Sensitive Golden Age Guys

Some say that tango is a man's world. And it may indeed appear so.

At the milonga - men traditionally invite and lead. Now let's look at the musicians, singers, composers and lyricists - mostly men. South America is traditionally known for its machismo. Men are powerful. They call the shots. Or do they?

Taking a close look at the lyrics of many tangos will reveal another perspective altogether. Rather than self-aggrandisement, a great many tangos lament men's mistakes, weaknesses, losses, regrets, betrayal, etc. Far from trumpeting macho achievement and strength, we hear them admitting to their failures - usually in matters of the heart. Trasnochando, Gloria and Idilio trunco are just a few of the many examples which we can listen to, while reading the translations.

Perhaps we see a different side of the Argentine man through these tangos.

Finally, here's Di Sarli's version of the irresistible Patotero sentimental (sentimental gangster) danced by Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio:


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