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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Extension, suspension & relaxation? Parallel & cross systems?

What does it mean to dance with extension, suspension & relaxation?
How can you capture those special moments in the music?
That's what we'll be focussing on in the Monday class in January.

What's the use of parallel and cross systems?
On Tuesdays this month, we'll be looking at how to exploit both systems.

As always, Melina and Detlef are a treat in this video. I love how they use those skills to express the romantic intensity of the Di Sarli tango, then the playful Donato vals.



  1. Once again you have discovered an excellent video - thank you!

  2. Thanks Angelina.
    They illustrate so well that the magic of tango lies not so much in complex figures, but in even the simplest of movements, when done with good musicality and connection.
    In short, it's not in the "what" but the "how".

  3. First, the music with its beat and melody
    Second, the feeling (el sentimiento)
    Third elegancy
    in the last place... the figures.
    Asì se baila el tango!!!


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