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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Secret Men's (Tango) Business

………… aka “The gaining of insight!”
The dozen men who took part came up with some pretty interesting observations and have promised to be ultra-sensitive guys with their tango partners from now on. Here’s a selection:
In trust exercises:
“I didn’t know where I was going to be taken next, so I simply had to wait”
“When I relaxed my arm, I could feel the lead better”
“I needed to communicate the transition from one direction to another gradually and in advance”
In advances:
"I could feel the energy in his body when he wanted me to take a second step"
"I had to plan the lead for the stop as early and as carefully as I planned the lead for the advance"
"Whenever the leader hesitated even slightly, I felt it immediately."
"In leading the ochos, timing is critical"
“Anticipation is the killer of improvisation”

“The follower doesn’t need to know the figure, just how to follow”


  1. I certainly got more out of it that I imagined I could. Great session, thanks Bob. When is the next. Also where are all the other photos.

  2. What a hoot. It's a completely different dance! Little did I know that the women were doing something so different from that which we men are attempting. I found it much easier to close my eyes and just let it happen (is this how it is to lie back and thinking of England?)

  3. No way Stephen, I always assumed that they stand close and think of Pablo Veron.


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