Thursday, 9 August 2007

What is this thing called milonga?

It's a place or gathering where you dance tango; a style of music; a style of dance recognised as the precursor of tango. It also means words or a long story, the word milonga apparently originating from a Bantu language - evidence of the African influence in Uruguay and Argentina.
As a dance, it's typically more playful and relaxed than tango, with dancers using relatively simple figures, but exploiting the rhythm and seldom pausing. Milonga simple involves dancing to every beat, while Milonga con traspié also uses quick changes of weight, usually in double time.
I hope you enjoy these great and very different examples of Milonga con traspié with Geraldine and Javier dancing to Biagi's Flor de Montserrat, and Osvaldo and Coca's interpretation of Lomuto's No hay tierra como la mia.
Check out our recommended video links for some more examples of milonga.

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