Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Interviews and video clips of tango legends

In this interview with Pedro (Tete) Rusconi and Silvia Ceriani, Tete talks about dancing as a young man and the old days in the milongas, the orchestras, music, & protecting the women. “… the music is tango; it’s not the steps …I don’t dance with my feet, I dance with my body …" You’ll get an idea of what he means by watching the aging milonguero at play in this vals.

Milena Plebs, a living legend in tango, reflects on her journey in tango, improvisation vs sequence of steps, and choreography. Her advice: “… take a longer time and more effort to explore the many possibilities each dance instance opens up ….. each (step) gives you the chance to break up the sequence with maybe two or three different alternatives …” A former, long-time tango partner of Miguel Angel Zotto, Milena dances this vals with Ezequiel Farfaro.

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